Thursday, September 11, 2008

So much cute, so little time

So sorry for the unplanned hiatus! I'll spare you the drawn-out excuses and just say 1) I have a two-year-old, 2) I work from home, and 3) I have, at best, an average motivation level.

Anyway, there's always a backlog of cute things out there, and I'm pleased to have recently acquired two of them for my daughter—both on sale for about $15 each, which only enhances their cute power. I'm so happy to have a child who—right now anyway—will wear whatever I choose. I love everything about these Chooka Cupcake Land Rain Boots, and although I'm not sure where this Cupcake Land is (somewhere out west, I'm guessing—New Mexico or Nevada?), it sounds like a great destination for a family vacation.

Then there's this Forest Print Jacket from Crazy 8. Patterns are sometimes hard to match, but this is muted enough that it almost works as a neutral. I'm afraid that I don't know my forest animals well enough to say whether that's a chipmunk or a skunk, but he's pretty great either way, right?

1 comment:

lucitebox said...

Cupcakes that like to grill, mow the lawn, and then loll about in the chaise...hmm...He looks like the kind of guy I'd love to date. He's obviously very sweet and he's very cute. Let's hope he's not low fat which to me is just not a good quality in Cupcake.

Do you suppose there is anyway to get Cupcake to relocate? Exactly how far away is Cupcakeland and are there other ones like him there (preferably in my general age group)? Maybe I could relocate.