Friday, December 7, 2007


The catalogs are piling up, but I'll do my best to meet the challenge. To me, Sundance is sort of like the coworker you get along fine with but don't really have any desire to stay in touch with when you move on to another job. I'd never order anything myself, but if someone insisted, I wouldn't turn down the the very Anthropologie Sundance-made Wine Tumblers ($60) or the delicate Trousseau Linens in ecru ($215 for a queen set).

Then there's Hanna Andersson, the colorful European kidwear that's priced somewhere between H&M and Oilily, but isn't as stylish as either one. Maybe the prints are just too bright for my tastes, or maybe it's that the clothes look cheaper than they really are—along the lines of the less-cute stuff from Target (you know, the stuff that always has butterflies on it). I'd stay away from the bright colors altogether and go for the little girls' Pure Cotton Eyelet Slip ($29)

or the Classic Swedish Clogs in navy ($26).

I've got 12 more catalogs to address, but they will have to wait.