Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catalog curator: Rockler, Rejuvenation

When I said I page through every catalog, I mean every catalog. There's always something cute, even in Rockler Woodworking and Hardware. Take, for instance, this Hand-Operated Mini-Flocker ($5.99). Not only is the applicator/canister appealing in a found-in-the-basement-at-an-estate-sale sort of way, but think of the many and varied cute uses you could put this toward. Why, you could flock the inside of all your holiday gift boxes, or fancify random wooden containers you own so they are soft and pretty on the inside!
For bigger projects, upgrade to the Air-Assisted Flocking Gun ($59.99)—not quite as cute in its design, but it "propels fibers at a perfect velocity for optimum adhesion on vertical surfaces, corner, and other tricky areas," which is likely worth the tradeoff.

If we ever have the funds to redo our bathroom, Rejuvenation's porcelain fixtures, hardware, and switchplates will be at the top of my list. The Streamline Porcelain lighting collection offers seven styles in black, white, and (my favorite) green; the Chandler Porcelain Bath Hardware covers basics like soap dish, hooks, toilet paper holder, and this adorable cup and holder; and coordinating Porecelain Switchplates add the final touch.

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