Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Resolution: Finish catalog cleanup

Not exactly "cute," but amazing in their own way: Footlights from Herrington. Here's the catalog description:
Weight sensors activate the LEDs in each slipper as you stand up; built-in timer delays shutoff until you’re safely back in bed. LEDs aim slightly upward for optimum illumination of obstacles. It’s like seeing in the dark—without wearing scary NightVision goggles!
What more is there to say?

Then we have Company Kids: kid stuff that's very similar to kid stuff in other kid catalogs, but in a color palette (especially for "girl" items) that's just not up to snuff. I'm not sure if the Gingham Porcelain Tea Set is truly cute, but the Dog Parka—primarily the one in olive/burnt orange—definitely is.

I have elected not to cancel catalogs from Land of Nod or CB2, both of which usually meet their cute quota in each issue. But I'm torn about Garnet Hill: I like many things they sell, but the fact that we get a catalog almost every week almost cancels it out.

Whenever I want to look at new sheets or towels (or a rug, like the Fair Isle Hooked Wool Rug that we bought last year in 7' oatmeal heather), I'll just go to their website.

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