Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Model home

I can't think of much to say about this place except, "Wow."

I don't even remember how I came across this. A link from a link from a blog, no doubt.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Catalog curator: Catching up

I used to have a good system to keep catalogs from piling up: glance through what comes in, keep a few in a special spot in the living room, recycle the rest immediately, and weed the saved ones when the container gets too full. It still would be a good system, had I not started the catalog curator feature; now instead of tossing most catalogs after they arrive, I have to put them all into a holding spot on top of my printer, where they wait for me to post about the cute treasures inside each one.

Well, we did a lot of cleaning out and tossing this weekend, so in the interest of not losing momentum, I'm going to make a pass through the stack, pick out one cute or otherwise noteworthy item, and call it a day.

Garnet Hill: If I were of a mind to buy $70 boots for my 2-year-old daughter, these Merrell Spirit Tibet Snow Boots would be the ones.

Boden USA: I think it's safe to say I've been buying slightly different versions of the same boot for about seven years now. I haven't bought anything at all for a few years, though—and probably shouldn't, since last year I don't think I wore so-called "fashion boots" even once. If I were in the market, though, I love these Leather Fur Lined Boots ($268). It's hard to choose a color, but since this is all theoretical anyway, let's say I'd solve that dilemma by buying all three.
Anthropologie: Lots of turned-down page corners here. I have one go-to black wool jersey dress, but I'm not sure how well it fits post-baby (can I still say "post-baby" when said "baby" is almost 2.5 years old?). The Well-Forged Dress ($188) would be a great replacement.

Tracy Porter: Not my sort of thing—there's a definite Veronica's Closet vibe here—but speaking of go-to classic black items, I love the London Boot ($325), which looks to be a near replica (but in real patent leather, and with a much-needed side zip) of a pair of $80 Franco Sartos I wore until they fell apart.

Land of Nod: Needless to say, it would require in-person inspection, but I predict the bookcase ($449) from the new Oak Park Elementary Collection could be great outside a kid's room, too.

: Mosaic Recycled Placemats ($6.95 each) are shredded and compressed juice boxes: 100% recycled, and 100% great at disguising dried bits of spilled food.

Garnet Hill (#2): I guess I'm in a mood for blue and white (and red), but I can imagine the Fuji Percale Bedding would be a perfect masculine-feminine compromise for a couple's bedroom.

Free People: I'm sure I'm too old for it, but I still have deep respect and great admiration for the Parker Plaid Overcoat ($198).

Sensational Beginnings: Okay, I know they're not cute, but Your Body Puzzles ($24.95 each) for boys and girls are just so strange they deserve a mention.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Coming in from the Kallt

The topic sentence of my post was supposed to be something about children's play dishes, but I got sidetracked from my "research" on the Ikea website by their new winter Kallt series. The red, white, and blue paper, ribbons, and table decor are really speaking to me, and that means that now I must find some other larger purchase (perhaps a lamp or tray for our new hand-me-down buffet?) to justify the 30-minute drive and inevitable 3-hour visit to the Bolingbrook store.
Getting back to my original subject, maybe I can do some early Xmas shopping, starting with these adorable tea/coffee and bowl/plate play dish sets (both in the Duktig series, $9.99 per set):
My daughter isn't into dolls—at least not yet—but she plays almost every day with the white porcelain Ikea tea set she got for her 2nd birthday (thanks, J&M&J!). I can't find a link to the exact set online, but in any case, it's become a permanent fixture on our porch, so naturally I had to buy this Busig tray ($5.99) to tie it all together and, more importantly, to transport the entire set to the kitchen for daily washing, since I haven't found a way to stop Sophie from drinking the days-old water that would otherwise be in there.
Wouldn't these Oändlig ($1.99 for 50) papker napkins add the perfect touch to the tea party?If only the Ikea kitchen experts could help me design a child-sized set of cupboards to tidily store all our play dishes, pans, and utensils! I suppose that will have to be my Xmas wish.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Catalog curator: Tea Collection, Chasing Fireflies

Taking on Tea Collection almost feels like cheating; I wouldn't turn down a single item in here. But suppose I won a $150 gift certificate and had only 24 hours to redeem it? I guess I'd probably have to choose the Molfrid Floral Dress ($65) and the Fjord Swing Coat ($89). (I love the purple boots shown above, but they aren't for sale here—and my $150 is spoken for, anyway.)

Somehow Chasing Fireflies manages to be both precious and bitchy (case in point: a $4,800 Pumpkin Carriage Crib), but there are some undeniably cute things offered here. Take the Musical Chairs Dress, for instance: Originally $225, it's now on sale for "just" $99.

A $150 gift certificate wouldn't go all that far in the toy section, either, but I'd consider putting it toward all or part of the Twig Crayons Set ($28), Mini Color-My-World Playhouse ($38), Cozy Cube Desk ($198), or Lounge Hound ($148).