Friday, September 12, 2008

Timeless cute: Painted clogs

Haven’t painted clogs (like these for $128 at Anthropologie) been an almost-trend for more than a decade? I know I’ve been trying to figure it out for at least that long.

In the last ten years, I’ve gone through several clog phases: There were a couple weeks about eight years ago when I really really really wanted clogs with skis painted on them. (I finally ordered some and discovered they were ugly, so sent them back.) Then I dabbled with white woven Bastad clogs that my then-boyfriend/now-husband thought were iffy, stylewise, but that he changed his tune about after a stylish girl on the streets of Williamsburg asked me about them.

At some point I won a pair of Gretel’s clogs—similar to the green-and-yellow ones below—on eBay, but they were too big, even with thick socks. Eventually, I got practical and went the Dansko route for a while.

Finally, I bought some red painted Olsson clogs from Delia’s for about $45 four or five years ago, and that seemed to take care of the itch for me. While I still like and wear them (and always get compliments), somehow I lost the desire for more. Now I can look at the $128 Anthropologie option and know that this trend, too, shall pass.

But maybe you haven’t found your pair yet. If not, check out some of these cheaper alternatives. (I do love Anthro, but you've got to admit their “boutique” prices are annoying.)

Clockwise, from top left: Tessa Clogs Blue Klara, $89; Granna's Pink Painted Clog, $64.80; Gretel's Clogs, Size 37, $36.99 BIN on eBay; Montana Clogs Navy Forget-Me-Not, $110; Dalahorse Clog, $45; Dala Red Painted Clog, $110; Dala Turquoise Anna, $99.


lucitebox said...

About the time you got your red clogs, I was all set to jump on the bandwagon because I really do like them. I think they're more "me" now, then when I first wanted them. They're always out there somewhere on my list of wants, but I've never pulled the trigger. I think it's because I feel like I should be able to find them for $50 (maybe even less) at a consignment store or something.

One thing that's not cute that I did buy on eBay for cheap (because they spelled the name wrong) was a pair of wool Haflinger clogs. I love those things even when they've collected all the dog hair in the house. I think of them as the Swiffer of clogs.

If the Dala horse printed clog had that icon centered on the front of the clog rather than an allover print (on navy or red) I'd be very interested. I have a weird dala horse fetish thing right now and I'm pretty sure you somehow inspired it.

Keep blogging! I'm really enjoying your entries.

Amy said...

I have some similar wool clogs I got in college--Steggmann, I think. They're great for around the house. I think you should approach the company that makes Swiffer and see if you can get something going...

lucitebox said...

Oh right. Mine are Steggmann, too. The person spelled it Steadman so maybe they were watching Oprah when listing the clogs.