Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How did I miss this? Design your own Kleenex box

I was all set to post about one of the greater life questions I wrestle with—why are tissue-box designs so lame?—when I figured I'd better do a little research first, just in case I was missing something. And it turns out I was:, where for $4.99 plus shipping you can get your image on one of their oval boxes (the size of their readymade version shown above). I've been dreaming about this for years! Poor Puffs. I checked to see if they offer a similar product, and while they do have something called "Design-a-Box," you're limited to dragging around clip art within their eight themes: fall, winter, spring, summer, cartoon, contemporary, magical, and scholastic. To make matters worse, once your design is done, you have to print it out and assemble it yourself!

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lucitebox said...

I remember this being a little topic of conversation a few years ago.

Have you designed your own box yet? Just the notion that it can be done would be enough for me, but were I a more entrepreneurial sort, I might start an etsy store. I'd sell licensed designs by some of the more popular illustrators on the site. (Note to anyone reading this: let me know if you're doing it and I'll get to work on marketing your business and contacting the artists.)

Now, if only we could find the paper toweling templates. We could sell gift sets for hostesses. Perhaps cocktail napkins, too, though I do suppose paper napkins have have finally and fortunately been mostly banished by the eco-friendly among us.

I love I love cute!