Monday, November 19, 2007

10 cute things: #3

Our house is far from "finished"—for example, after living here for two years, we haven't put up even one-fourth of the art we own—but my daughter's room is probably the most complete: It's painted, contains most of the furniture it needs, and has some type of decoration on all four walls. I really like being in her room, which is a big plus when I've been sitting in there for an hour or more, trying to get her to sleep. At those times I'm grateful to be able to look at these charming birdcage-patterned curtains from Urban Outfitters, which, incidentally, turns out to be a great source for kids'-room decor. Wouldn't this chandelier look great by the window in a little girl's room?

Or how about this koala clock, on sale for $19.99?

Or this rug?

I know 18-month-olds probably don't fall within UO's target demographic, and many 37-year-olds probably don't either, but if you divide my age by my daughter's, you get 24.67, and that sounds about right, doesn't it?

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