Sunday, November 11, 2007

10 cute things: #1

Along the lines of Domino’s “10 Things That Make Me Happy,” here is the first on my list of cute things that make me happy: a cheery, perfectly sized cup that reads, “Good morning! You should eat breakfast for your health.”


melinda said...

This cup is so charming. I like the eyebrows on the little characters--they're angry cute (this might be a sub-category of cute). Or maybe just determined. Where did you find it?

amy said...

Yeah, those characters are a bit stern, aren't they? You are definitely right about sub-categories of cute; I ought to try to map out the whole field. I can't remember for sure where I bought this; I think it was from Wizzywig Collectibles online, and it was at least four years ago. All I know is I really wish I'd bought a whole set!