Monday, June 13, 2011

The real cheap and chic/cute

Well, what do you know: All this time I thought the slogan was "Moschino Cheap and Cute," but it's actually Moschino Cheap and Chic. Did it change somewhere along the way? Was I wrong the whole time? Could I adopt the "cheap and cute" slogan for my own?

Like many items from Forever 21, these ditsy heart earrings are very cheap ($1.50) and cute. I couldn't find them in the store the other day, but I did manage to find some other cheap and cute accessories to give as little-girl gifts and/or to share with my 5-year-old daughter:

bunny doll necklace ($2.80)
dachshund jewelry stand ($4.80)
and many owl-themed items, including this psychedelic owl neckalce ($3.80) and
this owl pendant ($2.80). Yes, I bought them all, and so far I haven't given any away.

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