Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A hankering for hankies

A few weeks ago—on Mother's Day, actually—I added a new item to my list of things to look for: hankies. I saw another mom pull out a cute hankie (hanky?) to wipe off her daughter's face and immediately decided I need to acquire some. Of course, a "quick look" online turned into a new obsession, especially after I saw this great idea for displaying hankies in a recent Ohdeedoh nursery tour.

This room is full of great ideas, incidentally. Why oh why didn't I save the heads from my daughter's birthday pinatas from the last couple years?

But back to hankies. Naturally, I found lots of cute vintage options on Etsy, from children's themes:

to hearts:

to blue-and-white delft themed:

to an instant collection of patterns ready for hanging:

I mentioned this new obsession to my mom, whose own mother always carried a hankie tucked in her sleeve, and she said she would send me a box from her collection. So I'll let you shop from the listings above while I go wait for Dan the mailman.

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