Sunday, October 5, 2008

Coming in from the Kallt

The topic sentence of my post was supposed to be something about children's play dishes, but I got sidetracked from my "research" on the Ikea website by their new winter Kallt series. The red, white, and blue paper, ribbons, and table decor are really speaking to me, and that means that now I must find some other larger purchase (perhaps a lamp or tray for our new hand-me-down buffet?) to justify the 30-minute drive and inevitable 3-hour visit to the Bolingbrook store.
Getting back to my original subject, maybe I can do some early Xmas shopping, starting with these adorable tea/coffee and bowl/plate play dish sets (both in the Duktig series, $9.99 per set):
My daughter isn't into dolls—at least not yet—but she plays almost every day with the white porcelain Ikea tea set she got for her 2nd birthday (thanks, J&M&J!). I can't find a link to the exact set online, but in any case, it's become a permanent fixture on our porch, so naturally I had to buy this Busig tray ($5.99) to tie it all together and, more importantly, to transport the entire set to the kitchen for daily washing, since I haven't found a way to stop Sophie from drinking the days-old water that would otherwise be in there.
Wouldn't these Oändlig ($1.99 for 50) papker napkins add the perfect touch to the tea party?If only the Ikea kitchen experts could help me design a child-sized set of cupboards to tidily store all our play dishes, pans, and utensils! I suppose that will have to be my Xmas wish.

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