Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Catalog curator: Tea Collection, Chasing Fireflies

Taking on Tea Collection almost feels like cheating; I wouldn't turn down a single item in here. But suppose I won a $150 gift certificate and had only 24 hours to redeem it? I guess I'd probably have to choose the Molfrid Floral Dress ($65) and the Fjord Swing Coat ($89). (I love the purple boots shown above, but they aren't for sale here—and my $150 is spoken for, anyway.)

Somehow Chasing Fireflies manages to be both precious and bitchy (case in point: a $4,800 Pumpkin Carriage Crib), but there are some undeniably cute things offered here. Take the Musical Chairs Dress, for instance: Originally $225, it's now on sale for "just" $99.

A $150 gift certificate wouldn't go all that far in the toy section, either, but I'd consider putting it toward all or part of the Twig Crayons Set ($28), Mini Color-My-World Playhouse ($38), Cozy Cube Desk ($198), or Lounge Hound ($148).

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lucitebox said...

Perhaps you could encourage Sophie to model for the company. She is (to most of us anyway) the very cutest little citizen of the world. Then--MORE store credit!