Sunday, October 12, 2008

Catalog curator: Catching up

I used to have a good system to keep catalogs from piling up: glance through what comes in, keep a few in a special spot in the living room, recycle the rest immediately, and weed the saved ones when the container gets too full. It still would be a good system, had I not started the catalog curator feature; now instead of tossing most catalogs after they arrive, I have to put them all into a holding spot on top of my printer, where they wait for me to post about the cute treasures inside each one.

Well, we did a lot of cleaning out and tossing this weekend, so in the interest of not losing momentum, I'm going to make a pass through the stack, pick out one cute or otherwise noteworthy item, and call it a day.

Garnet Hill: If I were of a mind to buy $70 boots for my 2-year-old daughter, these Merrell Spirit Tibet Snow Boots would be the ones.

Boden USA: I think it's safe to say I've been buying slightly different versions of the same boot for about seven years now. I haven't bought anything at all for a few years, though—and probably shouldn't, since last year I don't think I wore so-called "fashion boots" even once. If I were in the market, though, I love these Leather Fur Lined Boots ($268). It's hard to choose a color, but since this is all theoretical anyway, let's say I'd solve that dilemma by buying all three.
Anthropologie: Lots of turned-down page corners here. I have one go-to black wool jersey dress, but I'm not sure how well it fits post-baby (can I still say "post-baby" when said "baby" is almost 2.5 years old?). The Well-Forged Dress ($188) would be a great replacement.

Tracy Porter: Not my sort of thing—there's a definite Veronica's Closet vibe here—but speaking of go-to classic black items, I love the London Boot ($325), which looks to be a near replica (but in real patent leather, and with a much-needed side zip) of a pair of $80 Franco Sartos I wore until they fell apart.

Land of Nod: Needless to say, it would require in-person inspection, but I predict the bookcase ($449) from the new Oak Park Elementary Collection could be great outside a kid's room, too.

: Mosaic Recycled Placemats ($6.95 each) are shredded and compressed juice boxes: 100% recycled, and 100% great at disguising dried bits of spilled food.

Garnet Hill (#2): I guess I'm in a mood for blue and white (and red), but I can imagine the Fuji Percale Bedding would be a perfect masculine-feminine compromise for a couple's bedroom.

Free People: I'm sure I'm too old for it, but I still have deep respect and great admiration for the Parker Plaid Overcoat ($198).

Sensational Beginnings: Okay, I know they're not cute, but Your Body Puzzles ($24.95 each) for boys and girls are just so strange they deserve a mention.

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