Monday, November 17, 2008

Artiste de mignon: Made with Love by Hannah

I'm a big fan of Made with Love by Hannah, whose impeccable eye for cute is reflected in her hand-screen-printed clothing (available through her website and her etsy shop), her blog, her house, her miscellaneous projects (like a five-foot-tall papier-mâché replica of her favorite knickknack, Pooky, or the "custom glitter Skee-Ball alley with tufted red vinyl sides and super-jumbo gold ric-rac trim" she just happens to mention in a blog post)—it seems like pretty much everything she touches turns to cute.

The only thing preventing me from buying any of these adorable skirts is that I rarely wear skirts at all these days, as working from home + frequent playing on floor with toddler = jeans.

Well, we're all in luck, because she now makes an apron in her Polish pottery pattern, trimmed with giant red ric rac. At just $28, it's perfectly priced for someone to give me for Christmas, wouldn't you say?

I have to stop myself from just posting photos of every one of the items in her store (did I mention there's a subset of crocheted items called Made by Grandma?) and from linking to all of her blog posts. Go check them out for yourself, and prepare to have your mind blown!

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